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The Conversation 

Starting in two workshops with a group of children aged 9–12, we worked with drawings and various stories. Among other things, these children got to tell the story of how they first came to Sweden. Text and images were printed on glass, which was then mounted on boxes, where my own contribution consisted of castings made from silicone, as an addition to the drawings, or, as in the box with flowers, fully integrated with the children’s drawings. 
This type of integrated pedagogy and process, which I have utilized in a series of projects, has opened up my mind to what a public work of art can be. Where the intermingling is so strong that my own personal part in the work is completely dissolved. 

I was very touched by the children who worked with me on the “The Conversation”, by the playfulness and seriousness in their stories and drawings, their way of trying to find a language for their experiences.