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Monday to Sunday Painted aluminium, 2018 Kvarteret Städet, Värnamo, Sweden 

How do you present a representation of a memory, a manifestation of a person, place or situation? The problem inherent in the idea of creating a memorial sculpture (or monument) – considering facts of history-writing and issues of power, the way these things have been presented in the past – is so vast that the tactical side of me instantly tries to see new ways and solutions. 
This might be called a willingness to fail. 

This is an old factory area that has been converted into apartment buildings. There are seven entrances, each named for a day of the week. My portrayal of the factory, something specifically requested in the commission, took the form of objects resembling models made by children, from cardboard and tape. I interviewed people who had worked at the factory, and wrote little stories on the painted aluminium sign next to the objects.