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The phenomenon of Materializing a Dream | Silicone, wood construction, 2013 Örebro Art hall, Sweden 

My attempts at transforming dreams into physical reality have been inspired by a specific material, silicone. It provides – at least the way I use it – a shift in reality while at the same time possessing the characteristics necessary to imitate the same. It is from this vantage point my desire to portray a few selected dreams has emerged. 
Everything seen in these rooms is made from silicone, in the form of cast real objects. The translation from reality to cast constitutes the beginning of a shift. The gaze and an understanding of the gaze: this is where I want viewers to become actively involved, to initiate a search within their own respective library of memories, with an understanding of what they see, a highly creative process where the silicone itself tangibly confuses understanding, as for example when you walk on it.